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That dumbass Vogoshinki is still chugging along hilariously and he's so biased it makes me laugh lol. Thought I'd reply to his things here since he's such a crybaby if you challenge his beloved Waifu Mary SuErza Barflet

Someone replied back with a list of strong female characters his reply was
"But they arnt part of the main cast. THATS the point i was trying to make was all. Get what i mean now? "

He just tries to limit it to main characters because he knows there are plenty of badass females out there, so limiting it to just main females makes it seem like Erza is special when she's not lol. Also most of the female characters don't rely on asspulls, and plot armor to win their battles.

"I'll grant you their around more than other female characters are. I think their handeld fine.

But you cant tell me we've had a  female badass of the main cast of an anime on Guts level until Erza was made a thing. 

The fact that shes getting hate on the level of sakura BECAUSE of this fact.....It really has opened up my eyes to bias in this community. "

Lol except Guts is well written and doesn't rely on plot armor or asspulls, and Guts has lost and eye and an arm, Erza lost her eye in a flashback which was never shown lol.

It's not bias lol, just because you're fanboy who won't get out from under Mashima's desk, does not mean everyone else is biased.

"You know what I mean. We didn't have someone who could take some really bad shit and keep going like she can THAT'S why I made the guts comparison. That is what I meant."

Lol we have plenty of female characters who do that constantly, so much bias hahaha, also Erza only does that due to plot armor and asspulls, half the time she shouldn't be able to move. So it's entirely different, when she does it.

"In anime and manga? Of course. There are plenty of badass female warriors who can take a hit and keep going.  In shounen? Still of course, because we have Unohana, soifon, tsunade, etc. However, their only on screen for so long. They arnt on screen as much as the main cast (like team 7, the karakura group, team urameshi etc, etc) Erza is the only one that comes to mind, atleast in recent years. (again, one COULD count Mikasa possibly, but again, her obsession with Eren holds her down for me. Atleast Jellal isnt the core of Erza's character and hasn't really been touched up on much...if at all lately.)"

Screen time doesn't matter, and Erza would do better to have less, maybe she would be more tolerable. Those girls are more badass than Erza ever has been, and they have had less screen time than Erza. Lol Erza isn't the only one, you're willfully ignoring characters to make Erza seem special. Also lol Erza also has an obbessesion with Jellal, and you're counting familial reasons against characters lol? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? When Erza can't do shit or has no reason to live without her precious Guild? Lol bias is showing again. Lol but Fairy Tail is hahaha the main core of Erza, that and physically, mentally, and sexually abusing her friends is. Also yeah it has remember in the fight against Neinhart? Or are you merely feigning ignorance again?

"(Just realized Sango also counts as one. However, she dosnt really get any real battles. By this i mean she  mostly fights fodder demons and the like. Maybe an occasional named character, but its usually Miroku who finishes them off. Still, I admit, she DOES count. Same goes for Rukia, though her win record leaves much to be desired. Her only wins are D roy, Arreinario which could be argued a tie and As Nodt. A bit more would have been nice.)"

Lol yeah she does, and she even managed to damage Naraku beyond repair. Sango is well written Erza is not, and Sango is better looking too. Lol Erza takes down a few named characters some are powerful others aren't the powerful ones she does take down are all with plot armor though so......Lol I thought to you winning didn't matter? Rukia is far better than Erza again lol.

"I mean, thats not to say Sakura and Lucy arnt competent fighters in their own right, they are (Lucy being given more of a chance than Sakura though since sakura has only had her sasori fight to really shine while Lucy has continued to gain more as her character has grown.) Hell, WENDY has become a badass in her own right."

Did you even watch Naruto lol, Sakura fought in the 4th Ninja War and fought against Ino in the Chunin Exams. 

"But its nice to have someone like this right from the get go. Someone that is ALREADY a badass female mother fucker. A female member of the cast STRONGER than the main make character, that the main character wants to surpass (and still seemingly hasnt yet, though the gap has closed considerably, makes sense since its the final arc) A female character who ALSO dosnt have romance as one of her main driving points. (A subplot at MOST id argue with jellal, and a minor one at that.)"

Not really, because doing that makes her so uninteresting, it'd be different if her personally made up for it but she's so fucking bland.
Lol Erza hasn't been stronger than Natsu in a long time, after Natsu trained with Gildarts and probably during the GMG's and Tartaros too, Natsu surpassed her lol. Just because Erza has a psychological hold on Natsu from physically, mentally, and hinted sexually abusing him (Forced bathing together) she has an edge over him. You'd argue that with jellal but it's not true and it's still part of her character lol, also Romance is natural of course to an idiot like you who's apparently only into peeping on girls and bondage, I get how romance could seem foreign to you.

"I cant recall any SHOUNEN anime that have done this. THAT is what im trying to point out. In this manner, Erza IS the first of her kind. "

UM.....Dragon Ball Z with Android 18, Naruto with Tsunade, Saint Seiya with Shaina, JoJo with LisaLisa, etc,etc,etc

Willfull ignorance is all you're about

BS, there are so many characters lol, you are willfully ignoring this fact, Erza is far from the first of her kind. If you mean authors pet she still isn't the first of her kind. Hell her design isn't even the first of her kind lol.

"(God I realize how much of a fanboy i sound in this post. However, I do believe everything i say here is true.)"

Yes you are a fanboy a biased one at that lol, and you do believe everything you say is true because you're under Mashima's desk 24/7

"Id say the series hasnt taken it to a degree as others have. Yugioh is one such example.  Hell, id say Yugioh has far worse asspulls. (Over infinite attack points anyone? Attacking a magic card? The list goes on.) We also have batman and superman as good examples."

Lol again you are comparing a card Game with a battle manga how asinine. Also Yu-Gi-Oh has covered it's tracks it clearly explains Atem has the power to change fate with his Puzzle. Also all of what you mentioned is anime filler, and you can attack magic cards, maybe you haven't kept up with the TCG but there are cards like that lol. I already explained Batman and Superman before but since you're too much of a biased dumbass to listen. You can't compare characters who have different interpretations, varying writers, different era's, etc,etc,etc to Erza who only has one of each of those lol.

"Id also like to say that Erza dosnt win BECAUSE of friendship. Erza wins with the power she has. She just TALKS about her friends as she wins. There IS a difference. "

HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHHAHAHAHAH, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. No she doesn't she gets kicked around and has no more power than she thinks of her friends than somehow gets more power, then gives a hypocritical speach then just fucking pulls off a win that breaks anything that's been going on so far.

"Example 1. Kyouka. Erza has always had a high pain tolerance. Her time in the tower of the heaven, and her taking the nd origin training with no signs of pain are just two examples of this. Her getting back and and allowing herself to win is more of an example of will power than friendship. I recall Zoro doing something similar though not as over the top i admit. "

Conidering you don't watch One Piece, because people call it better than FT (Which it is) lol you sure do claim to know a lot about it. What Zoro did was at the very end of an arc, not Near the end, at the very END. Also Zoro couldn't move afterwards at all, he fell down and had to do some serious bedrest for awhile and they weren't sure he was going to recover. Later on these wounds still affected him into the next arc where he couldn't fight at his full strength against Kizaru, Sentomaru, and the Pacifista's. When has Erza's wounds ever carried over? In fact she seems to heal after almost every fight she's in lol. Don't comprae the two, Oda actually writes his story, and doesn't draw semi-porn for his.

Too bad Kyouka is stronger than the tower of heaven. Let's look at what you're giving off her. She also did take on the second origin training with pain, she just didn't act like it, they even called her out on it. Also SO was a cop out of actual training.

Even with pain tolerance, there is no way she could survive maximum pain, she was feeling pain beyond anything where a breeze felt like her body was being shredded, all of her senses were amped and she was struggling. Not to mention beforehand she couldn't even hurt Kyouka, Kyouka destroyed her armors easily and without anything. Also let's look back farther

Erza gets kidnapped, 
Then physically and mentally tortured the pain is multiplied
She gets whipped beat up and even electrocuted all multiplied
She gets out no mental damage whatsoever which is impossible
She fights Kyouka evenly when Kyouka was at full power despite all Erza went through
They fight for awhile Erza is visibly tired
Erza fights Neo Minerva at the GMG’s Erza and Minerva were practically even
Erza was shown goofing off and relaxing after the GMG’s Minerva was powering up
Erza is somehow an equal match for this powered up Minerva despite her previous fight with Kyouka
Minerva has an OOC breakdown and gives up
Erza fights Kyouka again, Kyouka has been resting, Erza has been fighting
Kyouka and Erza are equal somehow
They're both visibly tired
Kyouka abosrbs Sayla's powers
Erza who is battle weary fights Kyouka (Sayla absorbed) on equal footing
Kyouka transforms, knocks the shit out of Erza breaks her armor
Kyouka rips off Saint Seiya almost word for word and ability
Seals all her senses increases her pain beats the shit out of her
Kyouka is at full health, Erza is practically dead
Does Minerva stand up and save her? No not at all

Erza being blind somehow finds her sword, without any senses she is able to talk, do a flip, find her enemy, land a few flips, and other things that are not possible at all with the senses sealed
-Know where up and down are and percieve gravity with all her senses blocked
-Breathe without being able to feel her lungs
-Look directly into people's eyes while blinded
-Stand up without being able to feel where to place her legs
-Know whether or not she is holding her sword
-Know the the location of an enemy in relation to herself at all times
-Strike harder, faster and more accurately than she would have with her other senses intact
-Dodge successfully
-LAND a somersault
-Bear maximum pain with minimum pain tolerance without going insane

Then remember before Erza could not land a hit on this Kyouka at all, in her robes with all that mentioned above OHKO's Kyouka who was at full power and before Erza couldn't scratch her. The only explination given for this "It's Erza"
Then Erza gets up and is able to do a full recovery, in fact her wounds have disapeared and she seems to be healed. Like she never fought.

Lol she specifically mentioned her friends when trying to beat Kyouka lol that is friendship power, deny it how you wish though

"example 2. Irene. Erza destroying the meteor is a feat that Erza was capable for a while. Its not much larger than the island she destroyed in edolas. Her being able to do with just one hand isnt something thats not impossible. Shes far stronger than she was in edolas."

No it isn't lol, maybe at full power, and are you fucking kidding me it is indeed bigger also when she destroyed that island it was the resulting mix of power from Erza and Knightwalker. Also Erza again was still injured lol, she barely won against Ajeel and was only half healed from that when she fought Neinhart and she was beat up near comatose against him, then she could barely handle Grunts, and then had all her bones broken except her arm, and you really think she could slice a meteor lol. Boy you are either smoking some good stuff or brain damaged.

"Id like to further state that she still LOST this fight as well. Irene threw the fight thanks to her finally waking up and becoming the good mother she used to be (As ive said, this makes far more sense than Zabuza's heel face turn) Goku actually BEAT piccolo in a similar state....twice."

She really didn't though she kept one upping Irene at every turn, which shouldn't have happened seeing she's in league with August and Acnologia, her dragon form wasn't even neccessary. Irene didn't throw the fight, she committed suicide for no reason lol. It was horrible horrible writing, just horrible. Also are you kidding me she was never a good mother, when Erza was a fetus yes, then she wanted to pull an Orochimaru on Erza, then when she left her at the village which good going you left a baby in a place you know nothing about, that got attacked by slavers some mother. 

Lol you go on TV tropes too much, Lol Zabuza did not turn good at all. Zabuza was already dying and hated Gato. Zabuza and Haku had spent a long time together, they ate, talked, worked, bonded,etc,etc. Something Irene couldn't do with Erza. As ERza was merely a fetus and the first thing she did after being born was give Erza up. She had no clue what Erza was or is at all, or what she was about. As Erza was just a bunch of cells the entire time until Irene the last few months up until birth. Zabuza knew all of this about Haku though, and again Zabuza admitted to knowing this all deep down, he just didn't care. Naruto didn't make Zabuza change, he forced Zabuza to face what he already knew. Also Zabuza wasn't going to do anything until Gato kicked Haku's corpse, and seeing as Zabuza was probably either going to be put to death for Treason against Kirigakure or be put in Prison, he decided to go out with a bang against Gato and his men. An entirely different situation than Irene who just randomly killed herself as unlike Haku, Erza wasn't dead. Irene could've continued living to try and make amends with Erza, if she was such a good mother as you say. Committing suicide makes it look like she took the cheap road, and killed herself where she wouldn't have to admit she'd done anything wrong.

Don't confused Pride with turning good.

Again lol you are getting rid of things or just ignoring them to help your argument. Goku had his knee caps and ONE elbow broken against King Piccolo. King Piccolo and Goku were evenly matched the entire fight with Goku having an edge in speed, not to mention he just got done taking sacred water to power up and recived a Zenkai. Goku had consistently shown to be able to propel himself in the air with energy, and King Piccolo was on his last legs. Goku had also been resting prior to this and hadn't exerted himself, in fact Drum wasn't even a warm up. This was at the end of the entire Saga....

Erza is the opposite of all this, Erza had all her bones broken but her arm. Irene was shown to be ahead of Erza the entire time. Erza had no edge at all. Erza has never been shown training, in fact she's usually lounging around the guild abusing her friends. Erza does not get stronger after every fight. Erza has never been shown to propel herself except with two armors one that grants limited flight and the other more of a glide but neither were used here just some random Deus Ex Machina Glove. Irene was still going strong unlike King Piccolo. Erza wasn't resting before this, and had constantly exerted herself. Both of the Spriggen before Irene had pushed Erza to her limit even Irene's grunts she struggled against. The arc isn't even over yet.

For the second case again, Goku and Piccolo Jr. were evenly matched with Goku having a slight edge over Piccolo Jr., Goku wasn't even using near his full power in his earlier fights, with Tien giving him a small difficulty, but Roshi even pointed out that Goku wasn't even out of breath after all of Tien's attacks against him. Only Goku's kneecaps and elbows were broken and he had a hole in his upper arm, but both he and Piccolo were at their limits. Goku only won thanks to Tournament rules, Goku won by a ring out but it was a tie. Goku did not get up afterwards...well he did after a senzu. Also again this was at the end of the entire Saga. Goku was training with Kami who knew how to fly and both King Piccolo, Tsuru-Senin, Chiaotzu, and Tien all knew how to fly. Goku as a saiyan has the ability to almost instantly learn any technique he sees. Why he was able to learn the Kamehameha so quickly, as well as Solar Flare, and the Destructo Disk. So Goku flying at the end is not at all that much of an asspull. Not to mention Krillin showed off the skill in his fight with Piccolo Jr. 

Same as above with Erza, Irene was far above Erza. Erza was using all of her power against Ajeel, Neinhart, and the empowered Grunts, and was shown to be out of breath and being pushed back. Erza's entire body was broken except her arm. Only Erza was at her limit or...well beyond it. Erza only won thanks to shitty writing. Erza got up thanks to Wendy but even with that healing she's not going to be at 100%...Well she will cause friendship, Mary Sue, Plot armor power. The arc still isn't over yet and they still have two more enemies to deal with. Erza was not shown to be training at all, nor had she been shown to fly without two armors before which she did not use at all.

"The only friendship example one COULD give is Erza vs Azuma, but considering the fight took place on tenrou island and it was explained that she managed to get its power back to use it for herself.....I dont quite see it as such."

Lol that's actually the only one Mashima bothered to explain as everyone was shown donating their energy to Erza which makes much more sense that she beat Azuma. The other times it's never mentioned at all.

"There are reasons to stop loving a character that you enjoy.  Good reasons are things such as a change in personality, flanderization, a forced change in character such as going evil for poor plot reasons, the list goes on.

But how a character wins? Thats more of an author fault than anything else."

Sounds like most of the characters in FT to me. Remember when Lyon was going to kill an entire village of 100+ people than an arc or two later and he was good? Seems like a stupid change to me.

Also your reasons aren't fact, you are merely exluding the reasons for Erza not liking that list lo.

It's perfectly normal to hate a character as bad as Erza, I mean who wants a friend that physically and mentally abuses you? Or sexually abuses her friends when she's jealous of them, including a 13 year old girl and three cats? Who does that? Also beating up homeless people that need food for herself and their pet? That's horrible who gives a shit if they're using your guilds name to get food if they're homeless. Not to mention Erza's bland and isn't interesting in the slightest.

Why not just admit you like her for her body lol, even that's not that good.

Yes it is an author thing, and I don't like Mashima either lol doesn't mean I have to like Erza though either. Lol you're reasoning is flawed and your arguments are sad. 

Final Verdict BIAS

"But thats just how I feel. Thanks again for leaving this insightful comment. I like hearing other peoples opinion on this, and I have to say, you DID make some very good points that I can atleast understand."

LOl no you don't otherwise you wouldn't have turned off comments, and when other people have a different opinion you start throwing a hissy fit and crying to the point of hilarity.



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