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Males: Goku, Vegeta, Tien, Piccolo, Future Gohan, Frieza, Cell, Fat Buu, Master Roshi,
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Otherwise pretty much every character in the series except Guldo.

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Cana Albarona by toryhendriethjr

Chibi Cana Stamp by Dragon-Cana-Love

Cana Stamp by MusaStewert Cana Stamp by bremm-ruarte PRIZE: DemonRenX by TheRosePrince Cana Stamp by Kobatsu

Cana Stamp by whiteflamingo Stamp Cana by bremm-ruarte Cana Alberona Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 PRIZE: DemonRenX by TheRosePrince

Team Konan by TeamShikaIno konan stamp by ivivistar konan stamp by RyokoToraDo RIP Konan -Stamp- by MidnightLunatic

Eva: Misato Stamp by godlessmachine Misato - My dress is ruined stamp by Id0ntlikeyou Angry misato by shushko katsuragi misato stamp by shushko

Aqua by Ellexon Stamp Aqua by youfie Aqua Stamp by Thanysa

Mizore Stamp by Sobies518PL Stamp Mizore by Natzabel Rosario Vampire - Mizore by Sonicbluespeed Mizore stamp by Aurion84

Least Favorite Characters
Loser Heartfailure oops meant Lucy Heartfilia Fairy Tail Lucy Stamp by Dragon-Cana-Love
  • Listening to: Nimble Bastard-Incubus
  • Reading: Nanatsu no Taizai (What FT should be lol)
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THANK GOD. Lol my head hurts from slamming it so hard every week. I'll tell you how the final fight ends right now, because FT is super predictable.

Natsu and the Dragon Slayers fight Acno. Acno stomps them they can't do crap against him, they'll land all their best attacks he'll eat the attacks and/or do no damage, then Acno will proceed to beat them down.

All through out the battle there won't be a fight as it'll just be them standing around in disbelief that they can't believe their attacks won't have affect and it's impossible for them to beat him, prolly 5 punches thrown.

Afterwards Natsu will bitch about Acno not having any friends and scold him for that. Acno will have a moment or a flashback of some sort about when he did have friends or when he was optimistic about life. Course his reason for being how he was is revealed in Dragon's Cry and it's so cliche and stupid. Also no I didn't see the movie not paying for that crap lol. It stars Gary Natstu and Mary SuErza and I'm not paying for a movie just to see two characters I like out of 5. (Thank you reddit for the info XD.)

Acno will then proceed to get his ass handed to him, either by a combo of the DS or Natsu getting all their power. I'm going for the latter as only the main 4 have any meaning to the series and are the only ones who can do anything.

Other predictions
Natsu will get some new form or random asspull.
One of the DS will be knocked out and then randomly wake up to empower Natsu.
A line will be said I have no more energy then proceed to use more attacks or donate energy
There will be a chant from the other people in the main realm thinking about the DS and they will randomly wake up when beaten or it will allow them to endure some kind of attack, like they did this chapter.

Also what was the point of Anna?
What was the point of even introducing her? She's amounted to nothing and her character is just a complete failure. Coming to the future she could have easily trained the DS for this day, instead she let them live happy lives. Even though she knows how dangerous Acno is. Her plan for the Ravine of time failed because of Zeref, and then Acno escaped lol. Her character is entirely pointless. All she did was introduce away to make Acno stronger lol.



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18 only absorbed energy in video games. So I'm not sure where they got it, maybe they were misremembering Super 17.
SaiyanWarrior002 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017
That was only in Xenoverse 2 and that's non canon.

19, Gero and Super 17 were the only ones who could absorb energy attacks. Then again, don't ever expect Death Battle to actually spend time on research. Gohma being an instant kill remember?
Dragon-Cana-Love Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's what I meant

Lol, I know. I remember they purpsofully edited something out that proved Superman wasn't resistant to somethin, they photoshopped the text away. Then in another they didn't even bring up a characters ability to phase through things.
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